Yet Another F1 Rant!

Well, its time for the first Formula One rant of the year, and do you want to take a wild guess of which team it is about? Not that it should be hard; my dislike for this team has been well documented. Yes that’s right, its Ferrari, after all the huffing and puffing about being paid more money by Formula One Management, and threatening to leave Formula One in favour of the new GPWC, Ferrari have struck a deal which will keep Ferrari in F1 until 2012. But I wonder how much Bernie and Max had to concede to get Ferrari to sign? It’s safe to say that it will benefit Ferrari financially at the expense of the other teams, and very likely give Ferrari the advantage in the foreseeable future, so don’t be surprised if Ferrari win every World Drivers and Constructors championships until 2012. I think that Ferrari are pretty much running Formula One now, just because of their status, being the oldest and considered the most powerful team in F1, maybe the sport should be renamed Formula Ferrari. Paul Stoddart, Team Principle of Minardi has made some very valid points this week, asking why a small independent team like Minardi should have to pay Ferrari to be allowed to compete in the sport, surely it should be the other way around, Ferrari have enough money and even more in reserve. I am getting more than fed up with the way that the FIA and FOM pander to Ferrari’s wishes. In my humble opinion, every team should be given equal amounts of money and power within the sport; otherwise it is simply not fair. My interest in Formula One has been wavering for the last three years, since everything revolves about Michael Schumacher and Ferrari; something needs to change, as F1 is slowly dying especially in Europe, that’s why Bernie is trying to move away to Asia.

Oh and on a lighter note, check out;

Just a shame that it’s a joke, I so wanted it to be true!!!

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