Day Four

It is now the fourth day of having the flu, and has been the worst day yet. I very nearly called in sick today, but then my stubborn streak kicked in, and went to work regardless of how I was feeling. Several times during the day I felt like just giving in and going home, but the stubborn streak was still going strong. Everyone thought that I was completely nuts fighting the illness, rather than taking some time off. But not being paid for the time that I am away is an incredibly strong motivation for me to work as I am not exactly rolling in money at the moment, in fact I am not even covering my bills with my wages. Tonight I treated myself to a KFC 10 piece bargain bucket, as I thought that I deserved it fighting this sickness, just to be able to pay my bills. Aren’t bills a bitch? I am hoping that I will be a lot better when I wake up tomorrow morning, as I am not sure I can deal with work if the flu gets any worse, it took all my effort to get out of bed this morning, so if its worse, I doubt that I will even bother, but at least I get Wednesday off, so I can have a day of relaxation, and hopefully be back to near enough full health on Thursday.

More Formula One news, it seems that Ferrari’s best buddy, Peter Sauber has decided to move away from Ferrari, firstly signing up to the cost cutting measures that Ferrari disagree with, and have signed up to the GPWC’s “memorandum of understanding” along with McLaren, Williams, Renault, BAR, Toyota and Minardi. And Sauber has enquired about being supplied with engines from BMW. It’s looking like Formula One could be a one team championship in 2008, I hope that Ferrari, Max and Bernie are happy together.

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