Last night I went along to see Dr Soul and the Plastic Sturgeons, at the Holiday Inn, and took some pictures of them. I thought they sounded pretty good, the odd mistake or two, but did well considering the crowd they had, although the second half of the performance was much better as people got up and danced! Anyway, that wasn’t actually my point, after the gig, I went around to Phil’s (keyboard/guitar player) place for a beer before going home, when his flat mate comes home in a very sorry state, drunk isn’t the word, paralytic word be more adequate. I like a drink as much as the next man, but going out with the intention of getting totally wrecked is beyond me. On my way home, I encountered two groups of drunk idiots, the first lot decided they were going to throw verbal abuse at me, which I just ignored and kept walking, one of the second lot decided that he was going to try to throw a bottle at me, although could hardly stand up, let alone hit a moving target with a bottle, again I just kept on walking, although was wary of what they were up to, although if they did attack I had one key advantage, as I was sober, as I had drunk only two beers in a 5 hour period, I could move a lot quicker than anyone of them could! They didn’t attack me, but spotted the other group of piss-heads coming up behind and both groups decided to have a very loud shouting (read: slurring) match in the middle of the road. I just chuckled to myself and carried on home. It amazed me how people can turn into complete arseholes after drinking, I know if I turned into an arsehole when drunk, I wouldn’t drink, although I don’t drink to the point where I cant stand up steadily, I know when I have had enough!

In football, it was another disappointing performance by Plymouth Argyle yesterday, only managing a 1 – 1 draw at Home Park against rock bottom side Rotherham. Plymouth was lucky to come away with a point, as Rotherham took the lead in the 26th minute. Plymouth only managed an equaliser from the penalty spot, despite going close several times. I cant really be happy with the result, especially as two new strikers Nick Chadwick, signed from Everton for £250,000 (who ironically scored against Argyle in the FA Cup) and Dextor Blackstock, on loan from Southampton, on show, unfortunately, David Friio has declined to re-sign for the club and has moved to Nottingham Forrest, so that’s one of the quality goal scorers gone, and I cant blame him really as since Bobby Williamson has taken over control, the team have gone backwards, and haven’t won at home this year

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