Well, what a great result for Plymouth Argyle today. OK, yes I am being sarcastic, it was frankly a disgrace, 5 – 0, yes that’s right, five fucking nil. OK, it was an away game, but it’s still disgraceful! Seems that even the new strike force that Williamson signed a few weeks ago can’t make any impression for the Pilgrims. I really do think that Williamson has to go, all the money he has spent this season has been wasted really, I think he has lost the confidence of the players and fans alike, and I think it’s almost inevitably that Argyle are going down this season, as they are only one place off the drop zone now, just 4 points ahead of Gillingham. It’s going to take some sort of miracle to stop this happening, judging by their recent form, the last win was on Boxing Day, and have only claimed 10 points from their last 14 games, which really isn’t good enough. The Plymouth chairman, Paul Stapleton can’t be ignorant to what’s happening in the team, and Bobby Williamson’s performance, and I hope that he does the right thing and gets rid of Williamson before it’s too late. I think that when long standing players like David Friio refuses to re-sign for the club, that’s speaks volumes about how the players feel about the manager!

In my own life, the last two days have been hell, suffering from flu really badly, feeling tired all the time, constant headaches, back pain coughing and sneezing like a man possessed. And because of UK law regarding sick leave, I can’t afford to take time off work, so have been going in feeling like death warmed up. Today dragged like hell, I was only there for six hours, but it felt like at least double that. I am going to have a quiet day in on Sunday, so hopefully I can shift this damn flu before work on Monday. I am supposed to be going up to my Dads for a roast tomorrow, but judging by how I feel now, I don’t see that happening, although I have no food in the house, so I may make the trip anyway. I was meant to have gone shopping after work today, but that didn’t happen, as I was so physically tired I could barely walk home, let alone carry anything of any weight!

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