I am a sucker for special offers!

I have upgraded my hosting package yet again, as 1&1 Internet sent me an Email saying that I can upgrade to their Business Pro package for £9.99 for the first 9 months, saving 1/3rd off the normal price, although, its actually £11.73 when you include VAT, but a good deal nonetheless. When the 9 months are over, it will change to the normal £14.99 (£17.61 inc VAT), which may seem expensive, but it’s a really good deal considering what you get for that money. I could effectively start my own web design company and host everything on my web space; it’s going to take a while to fill 6GB or web space. I didn’t really need to upgrade as I wasn’t anywhere near the capacities of my old package, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. I have also been given 5 free domain names, one of which I have used for a friends band website that I host already, and it hasn’t cost me anything, so why not, just got to think up good names to use up the rest of the free domains.

That’s all I have to say for now, so watch this space for more nonsense!

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