Pure Evil

Alcohol isn’t bad, it’s pure evil, invites you to come out and play, then slaps you in the face the morning after. I don’t know why I do it, I actually think “this is not a good idea” as I drink, but yet still get another drink after I have finished the current one. Why don’t I have the willpower to stop after a couple of pints, I know that it will leave me with a killer hangover in the morning, but its addictive, especially when someone else is buying, which happens more often than you would think. Even worse when I have to work through the hangover, which isn’t pleasant, today in work seemed to drag on forever, time seemed like it was going at quarter speed. I still have a headache now, and no painkillers in the house, and I am supposed to be going to a live gig at Plymouth University tonight, I am pretty sure my head wont like that! I made a promise to a friend who is playing in one of the bands tonight, so I am torn; whether to preserve what little sanity I have left and stay home, or suffer in silence and go to the gig! I hate making choices!!!

In football, my team Plymouth Argyle failed yet again to win, but they didn’t lose either, so its not all bad, and it was an away game as well, so lets hope this signals a turnaround of fortunes for the Pilgrims. Argyle managed to soak up all the pressure that Reading exerted, to hold on for a 0 – 0 draw at the Madejski Stadium.

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