Back to the Grindstone!

Today was my first day back at work in eight days, and it was a surprisingly relaxing day, wasn’t very busy at all, which suited me fine. Although one annoyance at work, it looks to me that the other guys have been slacking on the cleaning front, the walls hadn’t been wiped down for at least a few days, and the inside of the dish-wash machine was filthy. Of course I couldn’t leave it like that, so I gave everything a good scrub, couldn’t get it perfectly clean (because I had to do it quickly at the end of the day), but much better than it was when I found it. Everyone has equal responsibility to clean the pot wash, and it seems that only me and big Stuart (yes, there is a little Stuart) actually do any cleaning, I am not the biggest fan of cleaning, but I pull my own weight and I expect everyone else to do the same, if this continues, I will need to have words with the catering manager about it, although that is a last resort, as I really don’t like going to bosses about problems at the best of times!

Tonight when I got home from work, I checked my Email to see if I had gotten a reply from the Phoenix about getting Dani on the guest list for the (so called) biggest Phoenix event ever when Capdown play. But they wont put Dani on the guest list for her to review the gig, but instead suggested that I get Tim from Loggerhead to review the gig as he was already playing with his band on the night. Don’t get me wrong, Tim is a nice enough guy, but he is nowhere near the calibre of Dani when it comes to writing. I would have thought that the Phoenix would want the best publicity and write up possible for the gig, but it seems not, all for the sake of £8 entry fee. So I have decided to not cover the event at all, as I am not in particularly a fan of Capdown, they are overrated in my opinion, and I know that Dani isn’t the biggest fan in the band in the World either, so it’s the Phoenix’s loss, not mine!

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