I finally caved in!

!And bought Red Dwarf VI, I know that I really shouldn’t have spent out this month, but I did some quick calculations and think that my Telewest bill wont be due until after payday on the 15th of April, although I could be wrong, but I hope that I am not, or I could be in a little trouble, especially if the BT bill happens to arrive at the same time, I can afford to pay one or the other, but not both, so fingers crossed on that one. Earlier today I got a visit from my dad in work (yes, it’s a bummer having to work bank holidays) who said he had a surprise for me, and asked me to go up to his place after work. When I did make it to his place, I found out he had bought me a model F1 car, as he knows that I am a big F1 fan, although I am a little baffled why he bought it. The only problem with it, is that it’s a Ferrari, and to make things even worse, its Michael Schumacher’s car, regular readers will know I am not exactly the worlds biggest Ferrari or Michael Schumacher fan, but it was a nice thought. The model now has pride of place on top of my DAC, it was supposed to be on top of the TV, but it doesnt fit properly and would probably fall off, so thought better of it!

Just read that Nominet, the .uk domain registration authority has screwed over a small Internet enentrepreneur but passing on his domain name ‘’ to Apple and stated the Mr Cohen was in breach of terms and conditions, when Apple started to bang on the door of Nominet. Mr Cohen was contacted by Apple directly, telling him to cease using the domain name, which is he obviously didn’t do. The domain name was registered back in 2000, before iTunes even existed. It just shows that in this world, everything is biased towards big business, even if iTunes is a patented name, Mr Cohen registered the name way before iTunes came on the scene. Mr Cohen is taking legal action against Nominet and I for one really hope that he wins the battle, although his chances are slim. As I know that the .com version of my domain name is a commercial company, so what would happen if they decided to demand that I relinquish control of the domain?

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