I really need to cut down on my drinking!

Yesterday as most of you know (and have the hangovers to prove it) was St. Patrick’s Day. I was out at the Phoenix watching a couple of folk bands play, in true Irish tradition. The problem was that I had money in my pocket, that combined with being in a pub is a bad combination. The bands were excellent, especially the first band, The Blackfoot Brothers, who covered quite a few rock and pop classics in a folk style, to say they were brilliant is an understatement, especially their cover of Ace of Spades by Motorhead. Anyway, after I finished drinking at the Phoenix about 11:50pm, I decided to move onto the Quay Club, which was a really stupid idea in hindsight, drank more beer, and would have drunk more if it wasn’t for the fact that my wages hadn’t yet cleared, so couldn’t get any money out of the cash machine. I eventually wandered, or should I say staggered home at about 2:30am, at which time I decided to do some cooking, although I don’t remember doing it, I just know by the mess the kitchen was in this afternoon when I eventually surfaced, nursing a huge hangover. The annoying thing is that I didn’t even eat the food or drink the coffee that I made as I just passed out shortly after making it, at least I assume that’s what happened as I wouldn’t have wasted food deliberately. I was supposed to be going to another gig tonight, featuring my favourite band of the moment, Redemption Unnamed, but I really don’t feel up to it as my stomach is doing cartwheels, I feel like I am about to throw up at any moment! So it’s going to be a quiet night in front of the TV tonight, been partying a little too hard lately, need a mini detox, all this alcohol cant be good for me.


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