Last Night

I went to see a band called Whitmore at the Phoenix, and to say that they were great is an understatement, they are fuckin’ amazing. I have been waiting for them to come back to Plymouth for more than a year. I was a little disappointed with the turnout, still respectable though, about 80 – 90 people, but the last time they played, the Phoenix was so packed, you needed a shoehorn to get people in and out of the venue. I was even impressed with Uncle Brian who were main support for Whitmore, the first time I saw Uncle Brian I slated them well and truly, but tonight they proved me wrong big style (and I am happy that they did). Afterwards I decided to go onto Voodoo Lounge for some reason, despite the thought “you can’t afford this” going around in my head on the walk up to Voodoo. Once in there I bumped into a young lady that I like, which was great, but it seems she has a new boyfriend, which put me into depression mode big time. I know that I should have told her how I feel, but kept on bottling out, mainly for fear of rejection. But alas it’s too late now, which really annoys me, why can’t I say what I feel to the opposite sex (that’ll be female, in case you were wondering). I left shortly afterwards, as I could feel myself getting more and more depressed, I was getting to the stage of thinking about killing Phoenix Live and all my other web based projects, and retreating from the World as much as possible, but luckily I didn’t do anything rash and slept on it, and felt a lot better about things in the morning.

Women; cant live with them, cant live without them!!!

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