Today has been quite a good day so far overall, work was good despite working 1 1/2 hours more than I normally do, due to another member of the pot wash team going home ill, but the money is good, so I am not complaining. As a by-product of this, Stuart was sent upstairs and I got a rather attractive young lady to work with me (and no that isn’t a metaphor for something else; you sick minded bastards) for a couple of hours, certainly improved the scenery around the pot wash. Not only that, the young lady in question has gotten a new understanding of how hard we work in the pot wash, although today wasn’t really busy and she struggled despite me only running at half speed, mainly because I ran out of machine racks to put through the machine! Anyway, back to the subject line, the Result is because I have been asked to work tomorrow, which was my day off, how is this good you ask? Well, because of working tomorrow, I have been given Saturday off, so I have a long weekend to look forward to, as Derrys is closed on Easter Sunday, and I have Easter Monday off as well, and although I have to work Good Friday (well, I don’t really, but I opted to do so), I get paid double time, so £60 for 6 hours work, cant be bad eh?

On my rant last night about guest lists and stuff, although I haven’t really changed my stance on this, I may just pay (out of my own pocket) for Dani to get into the gig to review the gig, although if I decided to do that I will be making a point of mentioning in my coverage of the event, if I do cover it at all. Just as well I wasn’t sat at the computer last night, as many times during the evening, I did verge on the point of switching the PC on and killing Phoenix Live, and the Phoenix forum, which I also run for them at my own cost! Which is why I am so annoyed with the fact that they cant do a little thing like put Dani on the guest list for me in return, recently I have worked out, that including batteries, hosting charges and other random stuff, I have spent over £500 in the last 2 years on running Phoenix Live, not to mention all the time and energy I have put into making the whole thing work. Anyway, I will end it here, or else I could still be writing this up come Sunday!

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