The internal battle continues!

More on the Phoenix Live saga, I have called for volunteers to help out with the site, and so far I have had two interested parties, both from local bands, one is studying media at college, so that’s a good start and the other has a natural ability for getting great photos and isn’t afraid to get in the faces of the bands. But I still have the niggling passion to go to gigs, as one of the interested guys said “it won’t be for long as you will want to get back on soon” and how right was he? As last night I was having a major battle of wills with myself, part of me wanted to go to the melodic rock gig last night and the other half said, stay home, you are too tired! The tired half won out in the end, mainly because I was debating it for too long and then it was too late to get there for the start of the gig. My main issue with being more active is the tiredness factor as usually after work I don’t feel like walking 1 1/2 miles to the Phoenix and 1 1/2 miles back home again, if I lived where I lived previously it would be OK as it the Phoenix was literally just across the road from me, and for most of that time I wasn’t working, at least not in the present sense, sitting in front of a PC coding isn’t very physically taxing like my current job. Anyway, back to the point, it would be nice to have other people onboard to help out as it takes a lot of pressure off myself, and spreads the load, and gives a bit of variety to the writing, and makes it more interesting to read. Anyway, I will be doing the sound for a private party tonight, which will be my first visit to the Phoenix for 9 days, which is highly unusual for me, and I am strangely nervous about it!

Has the world gone complete fuckin’ nuts? Just read this article about someone being killed over virtual sword in an online game, person one loaned this fictional sword to person two, who swiftly sold the sword for £460 (in real money). Person one went to the police to report the crime, but China doesn’t have any laws concerning such crimes, so resulted in person one stabbing person two (again in real life). What is wrong with these people? How you buy and sell something that doesn’t exist, it’s a game, nothing in the game has any real monetary value, or at least it shouldn’t, but apparently the buying and selling is commonplace via eBay. Its all completely nuts in my opinion, and these people obviously have more money than sense, as you are effectively giving your hard earned cash away to a complete stranger, as the item you are purchasing doesn’t exist in the real world. And resorting to murder is completely insane, I don’t know whether he should be jailed or sent to the nuthouse, I wouldn’t like to be the judge presiding over this trial!

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