My long weekend has been shortened by a day, as I was asked to work Easter Monday, of course I didn’t have to work, but being paid at double time rate is a big incentive and I could really do with the money at the moment. So I will only have Saturday and Sunday off, but at least its two consecutive days off, which doesn’t happen that often. Speaking of money, I have asked to be given more nights at the Phoenix as sound engineer, and I have gotten one for a private party, incidentally it’s a private party for a band that I wrote a bad review about on Phoenix Live, frankly they weren’t very good, I call a spade, a spade, simple as that! Anyway, got a load of stupid messages on Phoenix Live calling me names and such, and other stupid comments, which I keep on deleting, its one person, who maybe a member of the band or may not be, guess I will never know. But anyway, the £30 for doing the sound will come in very handy, I may actually be able to afford to buy Red Dwarf VI, which has been just out of my grasp, that’s how tight money is at the moment!

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