And the pain goes on…

I somehow managed to get through the day of work with this damn toothache, despite only getting 1 1/2 hours sleep, got to sleep finally about 8:30am, and was up again at 10am for work. I was popping pills like they were sweets today, must have gotten through half a dozen Anadin during work just be able to work, and I use that term loosely, it’s incredibly hard to actually work when you are in extreme pain. I picked another pack of Anadin up on the way home, which should get me through tomorrow, and on Wednesday I will have to pay a visit to the dentist, I’ll have to drag myself kicking and screaming, as it’s a case of what’s worse, visiting the dentist or putting up with the pain. I will be cutting down on my crisp and Pepsi (hmm, Pepsi!. (drool)) consumption now as all that sugar isn’t doing my teeth or my general health any good! This is what happens when you don’t look after your teeth when you’re young, don’t do it kids, brush your teeth, it’ll save you a load of pain later in life! (and that concludes this public health notice).

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