Damned Internet Connection!

Over the past week or so I have been experiencing erratic internet connectivity, which is frankly driving me crazy, even more crazy than I am already, if that’s possible. The Email that I just fired off to Telewest is below; I really felt like writing a really nasty Email, but that wouldn’t achieve anything, but if I don’t get any satisfaction from Telewest, I could well be moving to ADSL as 2Mb ADSL is roughly the same price these days, and uncapped as well, capped 2Mb is even cheaper, but that’s not an option I want to explore, as sometimes my internet usage is quite high then other times it’s almost non existent, lets hope that Telewest/Blueyonder can sort it, as they have been almost faultless until now, which is even more frustrating. Anyway, here’s the Email; nice and civil… at least for the moment!

“Over the past week I have been experiencing extremely slow connection speeds, anywhere between 10KB/Sec through to 64KB/Sec, which is much lower than I should be getting having taken out the 2Mb connection from yourselves. Sometimes the connection is so slow, that it takes up to two minutes for a request to be fulfilled, then often the page will download slowly or timeout. Initially I thought that it might be the site I was visiting, but then tried and with the same result. Upload speeds don’t seem to be affected though. I have checked everything on my internal network, my router is working fine transferring files at up to 10Mb/sec, so the problem isn’t there, I have tried different Ethernet cables, connecting the modem to the PC directly, by both USB and Ethernet, and even borrowed a friends laptop to eliminate the option of it being a problem with my machine. So the conclusion I have come to is that the problem is either at Telewest’s end or there is a problem with the modem supplied by Telewest. I really hope that this can be resolved soon as I rely on a fast Internet connection for part of my income, as I am a web designer, and need constant reliable access to the websites I am working on.”

Well, that’s all I have to say for the moment, I am off to the Phoenix for a few drinks and to see a few excellent metal bands, so the internet connection can be slow all evening as it wont affect me in the Phoenix, while I am enjoying beer and quality live music!

Toodle Pipski

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