I have been looking into making some extra money, as I never seem to actually have enough to cover everything I have to pay out. With my recent exploits with sound engineering, I have been toying with the idea of buying myself a small PA system, around about 1000watts (2x500w) but I am looking at an outlay of £600 – £1000 all in, and making that money back could be a problem as I wouldn’t be able to charge much more than £50 per night, and I make £30 per night in the Phoenix and I don’t have to lug any kit around either! I have been looking at some Yamaha kit, and its looks really nice, hence the (drool) in the title, but sadly not even remotely in my price range, but I can dream!!! Speaking of money, got paid today, thinking I would have a decent wage, but in fact it wasn’t that good as Mr. Taxman took £88 income tax off the £701 I had earned, which is a piss-take, how are people supposed to survive when they are being hammered with tax, let alone having to pay fucking council tax as well, that’s another £80, so that’s £160 p/m, it simply isn’t right! Tax the fat cats, lawyers and politicians more, they get paid enough not to miss the money! Anyway, I’ll stop there before this turns into a full on rant!!!

Oh, and here’s another one of those annoyingly addiction Flash games that you wont be able to stop playing… Go on, have a go, you know you want to!?! You dont need sleep anyway!

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