It just gets better…

Just applied for Working Tax Credits now that I have all the information, and apparently I am entitled to an extra £2,200 extra per year, which is nice, but that’s only their online system, it needs to be checked by the Inland Revenue first, then they will send me a form to sign and send back. I should start getting paid the extra cash within four weeks and I will probably be paid with my wages on a 4 weekly basis. But the downside is that I needed my bank card to get my account details; which isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but the problem is that my card is no longer in one piece, I managed to snap the card in half, which is a pisser as I wont be able to get any cash out from the hole in the wall, just as well I have some cash from my Phoenix soundman job in my wallet. Anyway I will need to get down to the bank first thing in the morning before work to ask for a new card, and while I am at it, I will ask to be upgraded to a debit card, so I can pay my bills easier, direct debit is OK, but it would be easier to pay the bill as soon as it comes in, instead of waiting for them to take it out, it would just make controlling my finances so much easier. Oh and I really need to stop putting my wallet in my back pocket, as the damage must have been done when I sat down at some point today! The annoyance is; of all the cards in my wallet, why that one?

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