“Knowing me, knowing you! ahaa”

That’s all that has been going around in my head today, cheers Phil and Mark for putting that song in my head again. People must have thought that I was mad singing to myself all day. I was in a really good mood at work today, mainly because the toothache has almost subsided, only the occasional mild pain now, instead of the constant throbbing pain. I bought some Nurofen Plus yesterday, and boy do these things work, stopped the pain within 15 minutes, and cleared up the hangover I had as well, they are quite expensive, £5.20 for 24 tablets, but its money well spent, much better than Anadin. Right, I suppose I best tell my avid readers how the hangover came about; it involves the Phoenix (is anyone actually surprised by this fact?) and a line clean, which meant lots of free beer, unfortunately I was the only one drinking it, so I ended up with six pints, and it took me about two hours to get through them, then for some bizarre reason I bought more, I should have stopped there considering I had work early in the morning. But here’s the excited bit, The Levellers were playing next door in The Academy, and the band came into the Phoenix for a few after hours drinks. How cool is it to have a huge name in music like that come into the Phoenix, Got to love this rock n’ roll lifestyle! Anyway, I eventually got home at just before 2am, caught a taxi home, was far too drunk to walk, but I don’t mind the hangover as it was a good night out, hangovers don’t seem so bad when you have had a good night to show for it, but I will be staying home, taking it easy tonight.

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