Oh what a surprise!

It has come to that time again, being taken to court by Plymouth City Council over council tax non-payment. I haven’t paid it, I am not disputing that, but I am not really in a position to pay the sort of amount they want from me, £80+ per month, when I earn less than £600 is unreasonable I think! If I had the means to pay it, I would do so, hopefully I will be awarded Working Tax Credits, which should mean around an extra £200 per month, so I will be able to pay the Council Tax, however much it pains me to do so. Oh and they have added £30 court costs, what the fuck is that all about, £30 for sending me a letter saying I have to go to court, fucking thieving bastards. I was so tempted to go to court and contest the council tax and put my case across, but the letter states:

“The Magistrates will award a liability order to the Council if they are satisfied that the amount you owe has not been paid. The Magistrates cannot deal with or take account of:

Payments arrangements or your financial circumstances,

A benefit claim,

Reasons for withholding payment or a dispute you may have with the Council,

Disputes with Council as to liability, discounts or exemptions.”

So it’s pointless me even going to court as the outcome is a forgone conclusion.

Right, onto something different, I have been refused a debit card for the second time today when I asked when requesting a new cash card as my card got damaged as outlined in my previous entry. It’s really starting to annoy me; I can set up direct debits, which is the same without a card! A debit card only allows me to spend what I have in my account at the time, so I don’t see the problem. They suggested that I come back in three months and try again, which I will do, if they refuse then, I will make moves to change to a bank that allows me to have a debit card, as this is frankly taking the piss!

Well, that’s about it for now, I am off to the pub as my Internet connection is running slower than a snail on acid. I don’t know if it’s my machine causing the problem or whether it’s Telewest. Blueyonder seem to be having multiple problems with their broadband platform, but nothing in my area according to their status page. Anyway, I cant use the connection like this, as pages frequently time out or just download at 0.1KB/Sec and take an age to download, and some others are quick, and this is from within the same site! *baffled*

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