So much for!

Taking a back seat on Phoenix Live, just days after saying that I have been to four gigs this week, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was by far the worst, it was all too loud and my ears were still ringing today. But Sunday was the best of the week, a folk alldayer, which was interesting, many different styles of music, from one man and guitar, through to a sea shanty vocal band and a full folk band. Who actually asked about me doing a website for them, actually paid work this time, so lets see how that pans out. Also on Sunday, something of an experiment went on to get a decent bass sound out of the Phoenix PA, pushing the kick drum to the max, and getting the peak lights on the low and mid amps to come on with every ‘kick’ and it sounded amazing, no sign of clipping or distortion. It’s nice to know I can push the PA harder if needs be to get the best sound the next time I do the sound, in fact I didn’t realise that the low amp had peak lights, I thought the third red light was the peak indicators, so finding out it had seperate peak indicators was a surprise.

Well, that just about sums up my weekend, spent more time in the Phoenix than my own home over the last two days, so I don’t have much else to write about. I am mulling over whether to do to the gig at the Phoenix tonight, but I probably wont, it’s a case of gig overload at the moment, so will probably have a quiet night in!

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