Somebody told me!

Last night I was told something that I really didn’t want to hear, and I can’t actually tell anyone else about it, as I am one of only five people that know. Which is annoying to say the least, in a way I wish that I didn’t know this as it has wide ranging consequences for myself and many others, so I can say that it’s certainly not a good thing to happen, but it looks inevitable now. I can’t say anymore about it for now, but if this event does happen I can fill in the blanks, but until then, I have to keep my mouth shut! Anyway, in more positive news, my first night on the new sound desk was a great success, the sound was amazing all night, all the bands said the sound was amazing and I even got praise from Phil, head Phoenix sound engineer, and he reckons that I should go on a sound engineering course to hone my skills further, as I obviously have the mentality to be a good sound engineer. But I need to think things over on that score as it isn’t going to be cheap, and I have very little money to spare in general, this month has been a little different, as I have had £100 of disposable income as laid out in a previous entry. Speaking of which I bought myself a few more DVDs today, this time, its Die Hard with a Vengeance, The Last Boy Scout, and Cabin Fever, and all for £21, another top result, better than pissing it up against the wall, at least I have something to show for the cash instead of a hangover in the morning!

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