The Round-Up

Well, this week has been generally uneventful, hence the lack of updates, but fear not I am going to write some random wordage now, so here goes; First, I am going to start with tonight, I am doing the sound in the Phoenix yet again, but I am really nervous about this one, as its my biggest gig to date, going to be a sell-out crowd, so it should sound pretty good, but I have to contend with a guitarist that only has two settings on his amp, off and on (read: maxed out volume) which is going to cause all sorts of headaches for me. Then two of the four bands use a double bass, and one of those will need two channels as the bassist wants to have the low-end bass and have a higher clicky sound, which will be in 4Khz frequency range. I only found out about doing this night last night, as I was leaving the Phoenix. In some ways I don’t want to do the sound, but the money is handy, and I need to get as much experience with different instruments as I can, although it would be nice to have a more experienced sound engineer in to help out where needed! I also did the sound on Thursday night, which was OK, I had the whole night to get the drum sound sorted as all the bands used the same kit, a luxury I wont have tonight, so I need to perfect the sound pretty quickly, at least there should be a lot a of people in the house to mop up the sound, if it does go a little astray. Onto work (well technically, sound engineering is work as well), I was pretty much forced into working bank holiday, Monday again, which is depressing really, as I wanted to do something over the Sunday and Monday, but that is now out of the window. I really should put in for my holidays, I keep on forgetting and remember I am not at work, maybe I should write it on my hand, although it wouldn’t last long, considering I spend half my day with my hands in water!

Well, that’s all the juicy stuff from the past week, exciting life isn’t it?

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