Who, Why, How?

I come home sit down at my PC, visit the usual forums and such, see what’s happening in the local music scene, then accidentally clicked on the bookmark for this very site, and to my astonishment I read “Adobe buys Macromedia for $3.4bn” from my technology XML feed! Both companies are excellent, I use Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Adobe’s Photoshop, both produce the best applications in their field. But in my experience, when big companies merge, the software tends to suffer as they try to merge the two brands, and could end up with a steaming pile of shit, instead of excellent software packages they produce currently. I really hope that this doesn’t happen, as it would be a great shame for both companies, but if it does I can see me sticking with my current versions!

In sport, well football, nothing else of interest has happened in sport, at least not interesting to me! anyway, football then. Plymouth couldn’t extend their run of wins during their visit to the Britannia Stadium. Two first half goals from Stoke City sunk the Pilgrims, and Plymouth piled on the pressure but never really looked like pulling the deficit back, only hope was when Akos Buzsaky rattled the woodwork from 25 yards out. But despite losing 2 – 0, Plymouth remain in 15th position, 2 points ahead of Leicester City, but Leicester have two games in hand over Argyle. But with only three games left in the season, the omens look good for Plymouth’s survival in the Championship as two of the three games are at Home Park, which I hope the Pilgrims can get at least one win from the two!

Current musical enjoyment: Meat Loaf – I’d do anything for love!

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