48 hours…

…have passed since emailing Telewest about cancelling my Internet connection, and as yet still no reply. I don’t know whether this is a good thing or bad thing, but they have two options, either honour my wishes or lose me as a customer completely, if they try to bill me for another full month of usage after the current month, I will just cancel the direct debit and I will just pay the £20 for the television package, as I wont even be using the connection after next Monday, I did toy with the idea of keeping both, but I cant justify £65 per month for an internet connection, besides £35 for what is effectively a 384/256 (yes, it has speeded up a little) is unacceptable, infact it seemed to be working at full speed, yesterday morning before work, but when I got home after work, it was back to the recent sluggish speed. I can’t wait for next Monday now, actually being able to work properly on the web again. Anyway, that’s enough rambling on the Internet connection, onto the events of last night, doing the sound in the Phoenix. I cant really judge how well I coped without having all the outboard gadgets to use as the quality of music was awful, completely unprepared bands, only brought a drum kit (albeit a very nice sounding kit), a bass and electric guitar, no amps, and didn’t even bring their own guitar leads, which is just silly, you don’t bring a guitar without a lead! Anyway, I ended up plugging everything into DI boxes, but electric guitars sound bloody awful through DI boxes, as they aren’t really designed for that purpose, the bass sounded OK, but not that great either as the Phoenix PA, isn’t working as it should, the sub bass amp is already missing the left channel, now the protect light is coming on the right channel way before it should, in fact before it even gets to the red light, so I expect the imminent death of that channel as well, oh well, hopefully we wont have to deal with substandard equipment soon! I had forgotten how bad the sound was in the corner of the room as the other desk was more central in the room, its like a bass pit, you hear loads more bass than if you out stood in the middle of the room, so its hard to judge the sound mix, especially if you cant stand in the middle, when its packed out for example, so it’s a case of best guess, bloody nightmare, oh and cant forget the comedy peak lights on the Yamaha desk, it’s a case of ignore them completely and go by the PFL levels!

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