I have finally had enough!

I have decided to jump ship from Telewest to BT as my broadband supplier as Telewest don’t seem to be bothered about fixing the problem in the PL4 area, and frankly I am pissed off with paying £35 for quarter of the speed I should be getting, I am about to apply for BT broadband, which is actually 200Kb faster. Telewest has lost a very loyal customer in me, but over two weeks and no action has been taken to fix the problem, it simply isn’t good enough. I made the decision today to switch when seeing how quick BT 2Mb is, when setting it up for the Phoenix. Most people probably wouldn’t have noticed the speed difference; I probably wouldn’t have done either, if it wasn’t for the slow request fulfilment, taking up to two minutes to even acknowledge the site existed and streaming media is almost impossible. Not going to tell Telewest until I have a confirmed activation date for the ADSL, don’t want to be without Internet access completely for a couple of weeks! And the good think is that BT will supply a 2 port router for free as part of the package, which means I can use my existing router as well, BONUS!!!

Well, its done, all I need to do now is contact Telewest and tell them the good news, and if they try the ‘you havent been with us for 12 months’ line because of the recent change of address (despite actually being a telewest customer for over 3 years), I will just cancel the direct debit and get rid of the whole lot, including TV, besides I have grounds for cancellation, getting less than basic broadband speeds on 2Mb is more than enough reason for me! My new router will arrive a week Monday (16.05.05), the connection will be activated on the same date. The only downside to BT broadband is the 30GB cap, which works out to roughly 1GB per day, which should be enough, but if I do go over, they dont disconnect the service, they just downgrade you to 150Kb, so access is still available with the option to purchase top-up bandwidth at £1.95 per GB, so it sounds like a decent enough service to me, considering that some days I hardly download anything at all!

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