It’s that time of the year again!

The Eurovision Song Contest has just finished and the UK has done abysmally yet again, seems that the political vote strikes again. OK, the UK entry wasn’t the best song there (and I think that the best song won), but 3rd from bottom is harsh, maybe the UK should pull funding from Eurovision as they never get anywhere, especially recently, infact the four biggest financial contributors to Eurovision finished in the bottom four places. Anyway, Terry Wogan is a total legend, Eurovision wouldn’t be the same without him, I for one hope he lives forever, so he can take the piss of the contest all night long, sarcasm galore, I wont have a bad word said about the man, he is what makes Eurovision, half the UK tunes in to see what he is going to say this year, and he has never disappointed, haven’t laughed for much, well, since the last Eurovision, anyway, I shall leave it there.

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