Money, Money, Money…

I went to the cash machine last night to see how much cash I had in the account, and what I read onscreen was £216.13. Nothing strange about that you may say, but I knew that my rent, which is £325, had been taken out, and since I only had £421.62 in the account before that, the figures didn’t quite add up. So upon remembering just this moment to check what in the hell was going on, I get a pleasant surprise, the taxman has paid £131.25 into my bank account, so I should be about £150 better off each month thanks to Working Tax Credits, which I applied for a couple of weeks ago, and now clearly have been granted, despite not actually receiving any official notification of this, but I am not complaining of course, free money, and in the words of Dire Straits, ‘money for nothing’ RESULT!!!

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