My Weekend!

This past weekend was one of mixed emotions for me; I did want to go away for a couple of days on the bank holiday weekend, leaving straight after work on Saturday to catch a train to Looe in Cornwall. But that idea was destroyed last week when I was railroaded into working Bank Holiday Monday, of which I spent really pissed off, and not in a sociable mood at all, which isn’t good to work in a customer service environment; anyway that’s enough of that… Onto football, it has come to the end of the English league season, and Plymouth Argyle have survived their first season in the Championship, but ended the season on a low, losing 2 – 0 away to Burnley, even worse, Plymouth should have walked away with a point, if it wasn’t for some sloppy defending in the dying minutes of the game, conceding two silly goals in the last three minutes of the game.

My internet connection is still crawling, hence the general lack of online-ness over the weekend, really can’t be bothered using the Internet when its running this slow, and Telewest don’t seem to be in any rush to fix it. This problem has existed for 10 days now, which is simply not acceptable, if they don’t fix it by this weekend I will be making enquiries into moving to ADSL! I am certainly not paying £35 for what is a 256Kb downstream / 256Kb upstream connection, maybe I should only pay 1/8th of the price as I am only getting 1/8th of the speed I should be getting! I get home this afternoon to find that I have Telewest bill for £62.50, of which £35 is for the Internet connection, I can see an angry phone being made, cancelling everything from them if they don’t buck their idea’s up. While I am on the subject, I did a complete reinstall of Windblows over the weekend, as the existing install had become slow and certain features just wouldn’t work anymore, I wasn’t intending to reinstall as such, but since my net connection was fucked, I thought ‘it’s as good a time as any to reinstall’. Things are a lot happier now, the machine is flying along, and applications open when I click their icons, instead of thinking about it first!

Finally yesterday after work I went up to see a friend’s band play up on Plymouth Hoe, to a crowd of about 30 people, which was a shame as when I arrived, there must have been 200 people there watching, but poor organisation and the increasing coldness of the weather drove most people away before they played which is disappointing, but I managed to snap some good pictures for their website, so the day wasn’t a complete waste.

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