Not very much to say really!

Nothing much has happened since the last update, infact life has been relatively dull, went to two gigs at the Phoenix, actually I wasn’t intending on going to last nights gig, but I managed to leave my camera there on Thursday, so had to retrieve it, and since I was there I thought I might as well take some photos for Phoenix Live. Although for some reason I couldn’t drink last night, only managed one pint and a bottle of Fosters before starting to feel sick, and also had a banging headache. So I took a few pictures of the headlining band and buggered off home, even had to catch a taxi as I had no energy. Today has been equally as dull really, went to work, had a busy day, but nothing out of the ordinary, which brings me to now, Arsenal have won the FA cup in a penalty shootout “Woo Fuckin’ Hoo”. I really couldn’t give a damn either way as both teams are so far up their own arses its unbelievable. In F1, Kimi Raikonnen has taken provision pole away from Renaults, Fernando Alonso in a last minute blitz around Monaco, David Couthard qualified in a respectable 8th place, not bad for the old man in a car that isn’t exactly the best on the grid. Well that’s about all I have to say, I am going to settle down for a night of Red Dwarf! I was supposed to be going to the Phoenix to take some photos and review the gig, but I really cant be arsed, I feel too run down and lethargic to walk the 1.2 miles to the Phoenix, and I have busy day in the studio mixing down the Redemption Unnamed recording with Phil tomorrow.

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