Some F1 then!

Let’s start with the result from Sunday, Kimi Raikonnen took his second victory in a row, leading from start to finish, never really troubled by his competitors, looks like the McLaren has come good at the right time, and now they are looking at a title challenge this year with Ferrari being nowhere with their new car. Kimi Raikonnen even thanked the two Williams drivers for overtaking the ailing Fernando Alonso, who finished in 4th position behind Williams duo, Nick Heidfeld (2nd), and Mark Webber (3rd). The second McLaren of Juan Pablo Montoya finished in 5th position, after charging from the back of the grid because of a penalty dished out by the marshals. Ralf Schumacher took 6th place in his Toyota, ahead of Michael’s Ferrari, which was followed by the other Ferrari of Rubens Barrichello, so lowly 7th and 8th place finishes for the current world champions. But it’s nice to see other teams coming to the fore; at least it makes F1 interesting as apposed to the Ferrari domination of last season. Right, onto what this entry is really about; as most of F1 fans know, the qualifying format has been chopped and changed many times over the past three seasons. And now it has been decided to change it again, having a single qualifying session on Saturday afternoon, using the same single lap format. I still think this is a crap solution, I just wish they reverted back to the 1 hour session free for all, which was much more exciting to watch, each driver had twelve laps [to be completed in the 1 hour time period], including in and out laps, and the fastest lap counted. It was a formula that worked for years, so why the hell did they change it, to make it more exciting; supposedly, if that’s the case, it failed dismally, most drivers and fans hate the new single lap format, and it seems to me that within the FIA, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Onto my own [exciting] life, On Sunday, I didn’t actually manage to get to mix down the recording with Phil, as I got dragged to the pub by Stephen, and once I have a couple of drinks I tend not to like stopping, which isn’t good, especially when I have work in the morning. Anyway, I did drop around to Phil’s place, as he was about to leave for the Phoenix as he was doing the sound for the night, but I did get a chance to have a brief listen to what he has done so far, and it sounds pretty good, a couple of little things I didn’t like, but we need to sit down and discuss, what I want from the recording, obviously it needs to be a compromise between what I want and what the band wants, but I was asked to come onboard as producer, so I have the final say. Anyway, back to the Phoenix, I ended up drinking some more, can’t be in a pub without drinking, which simply isn’t right, well except when I am working, I want to keep a clear head for that. All this ended up with a hangover in the morning, which isn’t what you want when working, but I somehow managed to get through the day, then was off to the Phoenix again to do the sound [at 18 hours notice again], everything went pretty much according to plan, nothing interesting really, caught a Taxi home, went online for an hour, then off to bed; see told you it was exciting ;)

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