Would you believe it?

Three days before my ADSL service from BT gets delivered/activated, Telewest seem to have gotten their act together, and the connection is running at full speed once again. But my confidence in the service has been shaken, and I am definitely going to still go for the ADSL, but it has crossed my mind to keep Telewest and BT, giving me a combined 4096/512 connection, and of course, if one of the providers has problems, I have the other to fall back on. All this will cost me £65 per month, which is only £10 more than if I had the 4Mb Telewest connection with the added advantage of a backup connection, and having 512Kb upload as apposed to 256Kb on the Telewest 4Mb connection. It all depends on what happens next as I have requested that Telewest cancel the Internet connection as of Monday, if they honour my wishes, and disconnect it, then I will just used ADSL, if not, I am likely to keep both connections, I know that I shouldn’t as I don’t really need that much speed, but I am a techie geek type of person, so faster is always better.

Other than that, I have nothing to say, nothing unusual or blogworthy has happened!

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