In the last few days I have been staying at home, apart from my job in Derrys, after working 20 hours over the weekend for the Phoenix, despite it supposedly being my bank holiday weekend off. Added to that fact, my toothache is still playing up, it turns out that it’s actually a gum infection, and the pain isn’t as bad as it was, I am down to taking one Nurofen Plus tablet per day now to keep the pain at bay. Anyway, enough of that, the Phoenix on bank holiday Monday wasn’t exactly a success, people only turned up for Dr Soul and the Plastic Sturgeons, then swiftly left again, so the remaining bands played to a handful of people, it really seems that Rock N’ Roll doesn’t work in Plymouth, but 150 people will go to a extreme metal gig, it really baffles me, it really does. I ended up doing the sound for the whole day, despite only agreeing to do half the day, but the other soundman didn’t bother to show up, which meant I was stuck there until 12:45am, when I had enough and went home, but Adam Bomb were still playing, despite it being 45 minutes past the official closing time. Speaking of Adam Bomb, I really think he is arrogant as hell. He had an assistant who he generally treated like shit, after a string change and an interlude in the set, he sat down to play and looked towards me to plug the cable into his guitar, which I certainly wasn’t going to do. I don’t give a fuck how famous he is supposed to be, I don’t run after any band, if he can’t be bothered to make the tiny effort to plug his lead in, that’s his problem. OK, end of impromptu rant! Phil wanted me to do the sound on Tuesday as well, but my head wasn’t in any sort of state to do that, so I refused on this occasion, I need a night away from the Phoenix every so often, and not feeling that great with my health at the moment, I didn’t want to push myself anymore than I needed to. I was thinking about going to the Phoenix tonight to review and take photos of the gig for Phoenix Live, which has been neglected over the past months because of my soundman duties, which started out as occasionally, but recently I have been doing 2 – 3 gigs per week at the sound desk. But I am not sure whether I can be bothered to go down tonight really, still don’t feel right, despite having the day off work today. That’s enough rambling for today, considering that I actually felt I had nothing to write about when I started this entry!

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