Max Mosley!

!has been talking total bollocks again in an open letter to all teams in Formula One and tyre suppliers Bridgestone and Michelin. He has said “If you are in any doubt about your car, you should always call it in. If you are still in doubt after checking the car in the pits, you should retire it from the race” – all this was fuelled by Kimi Raikonnen’s spectacular suspension failure on the final lap of the Nurburgring Grand Prix, because of a flat-spotted front right tyre causing extreme vibrations at speed. The problem is that none of the teams know what is considered “tyre in dangerous condition” so McLaren elected to keep Kimi out in fear of getting a penalty for changing a tyre. Many high profile names have spoken out about the single tyre rule, and although initially I thought it was a good idea, I can now see that it isn’t, if the car carried enough fuel to run the whole race without stopping, then it would be fine, but since they need to stop at least once for fuel, why not let them change tyres? Mosley also send a letter to the tyre suppliers stating “Tyres should be built to be reliable under all circumstances, including prolonged periods under the safety car, off-road excursions, abuse on kerbs, contact with other cars and contact with debris on the track”. What does he want; even road tyres aren’t that good. Mosley is too obsessed with safety, and won’t be happy until F1 cars are running 1litre 100hp engines and limited to 120mph. Everyone knows that Formula One is a dangerous sport and that’s part of the excitement and challenge for drivers, knowing that they are on the absolute edge of what the car can do to get the best times, thats the way Formula One is meant to be, not a pansies sport!

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