More backtracking malarkey!

As well as starting a new site, which will pretty much be based around the Phoenix anyway as it is the live music hub of Plymouth, I have also decided to take up my role as sound engineer again, and did my first night back last night, which went pretty well sound wise, infact its was the best sound I have ever had, shame the turnout didn’t match the sound. I actually quite enjoyed last night, only two bands and both bands I like, so that’s a result, both bands played for an hour, although I was wearing earplugs, which gives the sensation of being underwater, the bass notes are clear, but the higher frequencies are drastically cut, which made the drums sound much better as all the crashing cymbals were suppressed, but of course I couldn’t wear them for the sound check, so that was unprotected. But it didn’t matter that much as I worked with the first band for about an hour getting it right as they are normally too loud onstage, but tonight it just worked, and they sounded so much better because of it. I managed to filter out all the frequencies that normally do the most ear damage, so earplugs weren’t actually needed, but I thought it best to be safe than sorry. Other than that, I was in the studio supervising the recording of the vocals for the Redemption Unnamed album, who incidentally were the first band to play on the night. The recording is sounding pretty good at the moment, and it is nowhere near finished yet, just waiting for the engineer to finish mixing it, so I can have a listen and make the changes required before mastering the album, this project has turned into something pretty special; and to think I was going to engineer a live sound and record it to minidisk originally!

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