More F1 nonsense!

It’s looking very likely that Indianapolis Motor Speedway will withdraw from hosting Formula One events in the future. I really cant say that I blame them really, I would have told Formula One Management to shove it up their arse if I had spent out millions to put on this event just to be screwed out of a real race by the FIA, and FOM. Although I think that Formula One as a whole needs to put its hands up and accept responsibility for this debacle of a F1 race, this is supposed to the pinnacle of motorsports, you wouldn’t believe it from yesterdays showing. The FIA, FOM and Ferrari blame Michelin, many of the team bosses blame the FIA for being so short sighted, and Paul Stoddart has been the most vocal of the team principles stating “The cure was there and it was not taken up by the top person in F1 who had the power to allow it to happen”. It really is a joke when the top formula in motorsport can’t make a compromise to give the spectators a proper race, especially the ones that travelled to Indianapolis to see the Grand Prix in person. Of course the FIA is totally blameless according to Max Mosley, which we all know is complete and utter bollocks, they had the power to make it right, but elected to do sweet fuck all about it! If the proposed idea of having only one tyre supplier next year comes into effect, what would happen if the supplier brought an unsuitable tyre to the event, would all the teams pull out, or would the supplier be allowed to fly in new tyres? Which under the current rules would be a contravention of the rules and regulations, it seems to me that Formula One is slowly imploding and by 2008 when the Concorde Agreement expires I really hope that the manufacturers run their proposed Grand Prix World Championship series, because Formula One is a business first and a sport second, which flies in the face of all the basic principles of motorsport, its called motorSPORT, not called motorBUSINESS.

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