Start of a new era, maybe?

I did decide to go to that gig at the Junction last night, and I have to say it’s the best time that I have had at a gig in ages. It was only a covers band, but that said, you know the words, so you can really get into it and relate to the music more. The band were called Cipher and were actually pretty convincing, especially when they played Rage Against The Machine covers as the vocalist had that sort of voice to suit the style. They also played Nirvana and Foo Fighters covers amongst others. I quite like the venue as well, a very intimate affair much like the Phoenix really, but it clearly has done something right as the place was heaving by 9:30 when the band took to the stage, and the atmosphere was excellent as well because its an older crowd who appreciate their music instead of the usual teenie audience of the Phoenix. I may well talk to the promoter about taking some photos of the gigs, he approached me via Email a few weeks ago about it, but I was working in the Phoenix at the time. I won’t be getting involved as deeply as I did with the Phoenix as ultimately that’s what killed my interest off as I felt too much was expected of me. But I shall see what happens with the photos as I haven’t seen them yet as I went out last night afterwards and left the camera at a friend’s house, it’s quite an awkward venue to take photos as the lighting (which is much better than the Phoenix) is so fast switching, it causes all sorts of problems with focus. But I will have to get used to the characteristics of the venue, just like I did for the Phoenix. Finally the sound rig is so much better, it belongs to Nick Western (who incidentally owns the pile of shit that the Phoenix is renting), it’s an 8,000 watt rig, Nick wasn’t using all that power, but what it does allow is for loads of overhead, which creates that colossal punch that you expect when going to live gig, which is something the Phoenix has lacked for some time. So in conclusion I like the venue, prices are pretty much in line with what the Phoenix charges for alcohol, and its 5 minutes walk from my home, which is a nice bonus! But I shall need to have a think whether I want to take on live photography regularly again, but the Junction has the advantage of only putting on gigs on the weekend and the obvious advantage of being close to home.

It looks like teams could boycott the French (and maybe even future) grand prix if ‘draconian’ penalties were handed out to the seven Michelin teams that elected not to take the start at Indianapolis over tyre safety concerns. This situation is getting out of hand, not only is Formula One certainly finished in the United States; it seems that F1 is on a self destruct mission at the moment. The best thing to happen is for the sorry situation be forgotten and get on with what the sport is about, racing, plain and simple, but I seriously doubt that it will go down that way. Mosley could quite easily whack a lifetime ban on all the teams concerned as it’s within his powers, but can you really see that happening? If it did happen, the sport would be dead, simple as that. It’s likely to be a suspended ban, but if teams decide not to take part in future grand prix, it will be irrelevant, and Ferrari will waltz to their third successive World drivers and constructors titles as they would be the only team competing, I really cant see them withdrawing like all the other teams propose doing if these penalties are enforced, so I guess it’s a case of wait and see on this one!

Finally I decided to clean out the inside of my PC on Friday night, and it sure did need it, all the fans were caked with dust and dirt, and one of the fans even stopped working completely, which I need to replace, but the other four fans can take the load for a while, I probably don’t need to replace it, but I like to keep as much airflow going through the case as possible for maximum cooling. I managed to forget to plug the switch cable into the Cathode tube, so that isn’t working at the moment, but I’ll sort that later, it’s not important. And for some reason, I had to reinstall the graphics card drivers despite only taking the card out, cleaning the fan off, and putting it back where it was before, weird!

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