The Aftermath!

Last night I very nearly went to the Phoenix for the Schiztome gig, but managed to stop myself somehow, which was a serious battle of wills to say the least. I need to walk away permanently this time, I cant keep on going back no matter how hard it is to walk away as these feelings will only resurface in a couple of weeks time, which is not good for the local live scene or myself. I have put a proper explanation of why I have closed all of my local live music sites on the websites, although I feel no obligation to do so really, just did it to explain the situation, prompted by a comment made in my previous web-log entry. I may go to the occasional gig as a customer, but I will be standing at the back where the volumes are more sensible and enjoying the gig instead of feeling a sense of duty, which has taken away any enjoyment of gigs. That’s the last time I will be mentioning the whole business, guess I will have to find more things to rant about now, so expect more football, F1 and Microsoft bashing from now on, and may even venture outside my front door occasionally!

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