Before you read any further; if you are easily offended, don’t read any further!

Right then; bastards, fuckers, cunts, wankers and finally arseholes!

That’s the way I am going to describe those money grabbing bastards at the Plymouth City Council and Smiths Certificated Bailiffs of Melville House, Melville Street, Torquay, TQ2 5SS. Not the mention the fucking useless justice system in the UK, why don’t they do something about real criminals instead of persecuting people on low incomes trying to get by the best they can. Anyway, the aforementioned arse bandits are apparently coming to my premises to remove goods to the value of the debt, I was going to try and sort out the debt on Monday, but I am really tempted to say ‘fuck you’ and not pay a penny, and if they do take goods from my premises they will not get a fucking penny from me. Do these people get some perverse satisfaction in taking money and goods from people that clearly can’t afford the cost of living! Do you think that I want to be in debt? No fucking chance, the offer I was going to make will completely fuck me up the arse for the next 8 months, that’s how much I want to get myself out of debt. I have never reacted well to threats, in fact my response is to fight back, and I can be capable of some quite insane acts as I feel that I have nothing to lose at the moment. Life is a struggle, every time I think that I am getting some way to sorting my fucked up life out, I get kicked in the teeth, and frankly I am getting more than pissed off with it. Quite a lot of the reason I am still alive is because of friends and principally Tomas, who has listened to my rants on Messenger and played devils advocate and somehow managed to talk some sense into me, for which I am eternally grateful, but I think that he knows that. If they do come around and take my ‘goods’ I will probably say a big FUCK YOU to the UK and move somewhere else, Iceland maybe, apparently they need some good IT people over there, it has to be a damn sight better than the shit hole that is Plymouth.

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