I have put the final remnants of my local music activities to bed, just cancelled:

[*][/list]I have also cancelled two other domains that I registered, but never got around to using.

[*][/list]All this means that I have a much simplified domain name system going, and that definitely means no way back for me in the local music coverage scene. But saying that I have hung onto the latest addition to my domain pool; ‘’ which I like the domain name, and it’s non-venue specific, so if I decide a few months down the line that I want to go back to local live music coverage; I can do so, although I wont be forging any official alliance with venues or promoters as it leads to way too many complications as they tend to come to expect too much; I would rather be independent and pay the entrance fee like everyone else. Speaking of live music venues; I will be going to a gig at the Phoenix on Friday to see a friend’s band play, which should be interesting to see what sort of reaction I get there, especially as the same soundman that I had the big bust up will be doing the sound that night. But I will be staying well clear of the sound desk for obvious reasons and will be wearing my earplugs, don’t want to fuck up my hearing again, especially as its almost back to normal now, which makes the neighbours happier as I don’t need to have the music so loud because of my ears not getting the full effect of the music!

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