Holidays ahoy!

I have booked my holidays for the rest of the year, I have the 1st to the 5th August, but have to work the Saturday, which is annoying to say the least, but I did plan to take two weeks in August, but that plan has gone out of the window now. I also managed to book off 24th to the 30th October; which is the final week that I can take before the holiday ban for the Christmas period. But this has caused some controversy in work as the catering manager told a fellow KP that no-one could take off the final week of October, but it turns out that three people are having that week off including myself. I was pulled aside today by the said catering manager and ticked off for telling the other KP that I had that week off. He asked me a specific question and I answered it. I was half expecting to have the week revoked afterwards, but it hasn’t happened yet. If they do; don’t be surprised if I am not there for that week, or weeks before that as I would proactively start looking for other work as the management at my current place of employment don’t seem to have a clue about what’s going on half the time; I really seem to know how to pick the companies I work for!

That’s all I have to say really, nothing of interest has happened since the last update!

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