It’s been a few days!

Since I have last updated the blog, but to be honest I haven’t been home that much, been enjoying the good weather while it lasts, in between working of course, don’t think the bosses would be happy if I didn’t show for work! Firstly I have decided to seriously cut down on my drinking as Thursday night I physically couldn’t drink anymore, despite only drinking a quarter of what I would normally drink; maybe it’s the heat causing the dehydration and making me feel ill. Contrary to popular belief, beer isn’t refreshing at all; it actually makes you feel more dehydrated. Anyway, I will be laying off for a while, today I have been drinking Pepsi and water, I did have one beer, which I didn’t really feel like drinking after a couple of sips. But other than that, it has been a good day, eating battered sausage and chips on the harbour front, watching some very nice young ladies and thinking what I would like to be doing with them, or them doing to me, but my perverted thoughts stay in my head, or else I could be heading for a slap! I would start on a rant about the cowards that bombed innocent people in London, but I’ll leave that up to my good friend Tomas, who has just about said it all on his blog. Work has been interesting to say the least; all the supervisors have been really nice to me over the last week as I am indispensable since Stuart has left for greener pastures. We had a new guy come in, who seems nice enough and worked hard, (harder than he needed to really) but failed to show up on Saturday after just four days of work, so I guess that’s the last time we will see him, guess I will find out on Monday morning. Ultimately it puts us back to square one and seriously puts my holidays in doubt if they can’t find someone reliable. I did toy with the idea of going for the full time position, but I would be expected to work six days each week and take on a load of extra responsibility, which I could really do without! Juan Pablo Montoya won the British grand prix, and I have to say that it was another pretty boring race, so I wasn’t really that interested in watching it, in fact for most of the race, I was reading yesterdays Sun newspaper that someone left in work! I will be working next week, so I wont be watching it, and probably wont bother recording it either, I am fast losing interest, its really dying on its arse at the moment, and measures need to be taken to prevent this. My opinions on the subject are well known, and a lot of fans worldwide agree with me, but the FIA are too paranoid about safety to make the sport exciting for the fans again.

I think that’s about all I have to say for the moment, it’s been a fairly boring week really, but I did discover a mp3 download site, where you can download tracks for about $0.10 (£0.06) per song, which means that you can download complete albums at 192Kbps bit rate for roughly £1, which is better than $0.99 per track. You can pay by Paypal, credit or debit card, so its fairly accessible, and it has a huge amount of tracks and albums to download. Oh, best tell you what it’s called then; its called, check it out!

Song of the moment: Kaiser Chiefs – Oh My God.

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