Firstly, what an amazing show, the worlds best bands giving up their time to play to an audience of billions worldwide, apart from being good publicity for them, it’s a great cause! Love him or hate him, you have to give Bob Geldof great praise for putting something like this together, it’s a true multinational affair, 8 countries involved, almost simultaneously, that really is something amazing. Despite the amazing performances from the legendary The Who, Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney, ending on the great Beatles track, Hey Jude! Everyone who played stood up and was counted, hopefully every one that reads this will do the same, sign the petition, myself and many of my friends have done so already, all you need is an name, Email address and country of origin, simple as that, and it could save millions of lives for one minute of your time, I don’t think that is much to ask! – Sign it, or I will be around!!!

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