Management; what are they good for?

Absolutely nothing! Yes, it’s a work related rant, first one in some time, so it’s well overdue. Right then, let’s start with the fact that nearly all my friends in there have left or are leaving imminently, Zoë, Eve, Stuart have left and now Helen is handing in her resignation today because of the treatment she has received from management, and I really cant blame her at all, they expect too much from people by not bothering to get enough staff in to cope with demand and just expect us to do the job of two or three people; so they can make more profit and give the catering manager a big bonus at the end of the year. Basically they take credit for the work that the ‘real’ workers do. Another thing that pisses me off is the so called team work element; I was told that I should be out helping collect the dishes in when it’s busy as its short staffed, which it always is. But it’s a one way street, I wouldn’t mind helping if the people I help, returned the favour, half of them don’t even do what is required, which results in more work and shit for me to do, I am now more actively searching out other employment opportunities as I cant keep this up, no matter how laid back I am, it’s only a matter of time before I go BANG!!! The restaurant is going to shit since Ute left for another department, I didn’t see eye to eye with Ute, but she had the place running smoothly and always had enough staff. The only person holding the place together was Pat, who recently resigned her supervisors position because she was unhappy with the situation in the restaurant, the first day she was back in blue, the whole place crumbled, which just about sums up the situation! This whole situation is really getting me down and driving me to drink too much again, gone into work with hangovers way too much in recent weeks, which isn’t good for my head or body, I am feeling pretty shit as I write this as I really needed a drink after the day at work that I had! I think that I will stop there as I could carry on for hours about this, and I don’t want to bore you into a coma!

Sports updates; firstly Formula One, the FIA has backed down about the Michelin teams pulling out of the Indianapolis Grand Prix over tyre safety concerns. The Michelin shod teams will not face any punishment in September, I am glad that Max Mosley and the FIA have finally seen sense! David Couthard has signed with Red Bull Racing for another 12 months, taking him to the end of 2006. Everyone wrote off DC when he was ditched by McLaren in favour of JPM. Red Bull has also committed its future to Formula One, the only team to do so apart from the deal between Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari. In football, things are looking quite good for Plymouth Argyle next season, signing two veteran international defenders, first being Nigerian Taribo west, and and secondly Portuguese, Nuno Mendes. Now all we need is to find a decent striker to regularly score goals as Plymouth is lacking in that department as Worrell, Coughlan and Milne have all moved to other clubs over the summer. It’s no use having a good defence if you can’t convert that into wins!

Finally I did replace my mobile phone; but not the one I originally was going to go for as the price on the Argos website was significantly more expensive than the instore price, and I wasn’t willing to spend £150 on a mobile phone, plus it was out of stock anyway. But I ended up spending £130, although £20 of that was credit. I bought myself a Sony Ericsson K700i, which is a pretty nice phone, but my bad luck with technology continued as the camera failed after just two days, but at least exchanging it was hassle free, top marks to The Link for sorting it out so quickly. It’s been fine since then, so I am happy once again.

Current musical enjoyment: Foo Fighters – Best Of You.

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