For the first time in some years I have come home early from work because of feeling ill, and it takes something pretty serious for me to take time off work. I feel really lethargic and feel light headed and dizzy with the feeling that I am going to throw up at any time and I am finding it hard to swallow. The annoying thing is that the supervisor and catering manager think that I am faking it because I couldn’t get Saturday off, which really isn’t true. If I was going to take time off claiming I was ill, I wouldn’t have even bothered going in, calling in sick in the morning, its pointless claiming I am ill just to get 2 hours off work as I would have finished at 4pm anyway. I really need to find another job as they are taking me for granted now; I was told that was working an extra two hours tonight, not asked, I could have had something planned, but it didn’t matter when I pointed out that my pot wash colleague [little] Stuart was in at 11am, so would be working until 5:30 anyway, so there is no point in me staying on. Stuart and I have to put ourselves out because of management hiring a 16 year old as a replacement for [big] Stuart who can’t even use the machine as you need to be 18 to use the machinery in the kitchen! I don’t know how that place is making a profit as the management clearly don’t have the skills to do the job!

Onto something more positive, Jenson Button has decided that he would like to stay with BAR Honda for the foreseeable future. Obviously its not all loyalty, it’s a case of having the best car for next year to challenge for the world driver’s championship, and that certainly isn’t going to be Williams unless they make huge improvements over the closed season. Jenson has a problem however; he is still under contract to Williams, and Frank Williams expects him to be a Williams driver next season, so this could be an interesting situation. Personally I would like to see Jenson stay at BAR Honda as they have been good to him and have a competitive car, even if its not as quick as the McLarens and Renaults this season, but certainly is the best car on the grid behind those two teams, and it would be great to see BAR Honda and more importantly a British champion in Jenson Button, its been too long since the UK had a world driver’s champion, the last one being Damon Hill in 1996.

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