I have managed to sort out my council tax issues today, although not through the channels I would have liked to, but more on that later. My father lent me the total of £1094.24 for the whole years council tax, so I don’t have to worry until the 06/07 tax year now. He wanted to just give me the money, but being the stubborn bastard that I am wouldn’t allow for that, I am going to pay him back every penny before the new tax year, and have already transferred £200 from my account towards that debt to him. I obviously tried every other avenue to sort out a payment plan with the council, but they simply didn’t want to know. All they saw was pound signs; they really couldn’t give a fuck about my financial situation. Basically to stop the bailiffs coming around I would have to come up with the full amount by today. The rest of the bill was still with the council, but they still weren’t willing to sort out an arrears payment plan, because I was told that I would have pay the Bailiffs first. So I went to my fathers place, called the bailiffs to pay the debt in full, to which they referred me back to the council. I really wonder what the fuck these people are up to, they obviously don’t have a clue about what they are doing, much like the UK government then, fucking useless! Oh well; at least it’s paid now, and hopefully I won’t be put in this situation again, as its driving me even crazier than I already am. It’s safe to say that I wont be doing much socialising this year now, I need to save money as much as possible to prevent this happening again, as I know that its realistically my fault, ignoring it until it got to this stage, which is the stupid thing as the costs has risen by an extra £200 by ignoring it in court costs and other bullshit administration costs! It’s a case of screw the little guy again!

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