What have I done to deserve this?

I have managed to break the aerial off my mobile phone, and now it wont work anymore, so that means for the first time in seven years I am mobile-less; this really couldn’t have happened at a worse time, as I really don’t have the spare funds to buy a new phone. There is one phone that I like, basically an upgraded version of the phone I have just binned (taking the simcard out of course) and it doesn’t have an external aerial, so I can’t break something that isn’t there; it’s £60, which isn’t bad really. At the end of the day I need a mobile phone as I never give out my home phone number to people always the mobile. Seems that this new flat is bad luck, since moving here I have broken two mobile phones in eight months, before that I hadn’t broken a mobile phone ever. Anyway, guess I will have to bite the bullet and buy the new phone tomorrow, although working out time will be fine tomorrow as I don’t have a watch and used the phone as a time-piece.

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