Wonders will never cease!

I have been cleaning the flat up tonight, yes I am that bored! And have found that there is actually a carpet under all those hundreds of bits of paper in the computer room, and actually managed to find over £5 in loose change. Suppose the next thing will be to actually figure how the vacuum cleaner works, six months and it has only been used once. Guess I could be called the stereotypical male bachelor slob, but I do clean occasionally, but not as much as I should really, but I am going to try to keep it cleaner now as I am spending more time here since quitting the Phoenix two weeks ago. I am going to tackle the kitchen and bathroom tomorrow, my body has built up a resistance to cleaning now. On the downside, I managed to break my computer chair, was leaning over to pick up my pen, and the whole thing crumpled from under me, with me hitting the floor with a huge thump. But it was a crap chair that came with the desk, so it wasn’t that good anyway, surprised that it lasted 8 months really, guess that I will have to splash out and get that luxury leather chair now! Anyway, that’s enough rambling, on with the hovering *shudders* wish me luck ;)

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