A slightly less pissed comment!

Last night wasn’t exactly the most joyful night of my life, as regular readers know there is a young lady that I really like [who shall remain nameless for the time being]. I was at Voodoo Lounge last night were the young lady happened to be, I didn’t go there for that reason, but it was a nice bonus. At least it was until she decided to snog a friend of mine, which pretty much killed off my night straight away. I always knew that she was bi, and I can live with that [and to be honest like most men, the idea of two women together is very appealing to me], but snogging another man, really brought out the green eyed monster in me. I know that in real terms I don’t stand a chance, as she wouldn’t go for someone like me [guess I am not metal enough] but I can’t fight my feelings, I always seem to fall for the wrong women, maybe I am just hopeless in the love? I am getting to the age where I want to settle down and have a less hectic life, this clubbing and pubbing lifestyle is taking its toll on me, and my wallet doesn’t exactly like it either. I do wonder whether I will ever find someone to share my life with, as I seem to be fighting a losing battle! Oh if you were wondering about the title, it was born out of the post I made last night while drunk [called ‘A very pissed comment’] which was too much like feeling sorry for myself, and didn’t make too much sense [although it did at the time of writing], so I deleted it and started again!

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