Alcohol isn’t evil…

…but having to work the next day is indeed evil, in fact it is the spawn of Satan! As you may have guessed I have been up to my old tricks of drinking on a school [work] night, which isn’t a good idea at the best of times, but once the old beer has you in it’s vice like grip, its hard to abort the inevitable. My night started off straight after work when I met up with an ex work colleague for a couple of beers, but that went a tad wrong when he overreacted to something I said and stormed out, but that was sorted later in the evening, at which time I had found my way to Voodoo Lounge. I was joined shortly after arriving at Voodoo by my temporary housemate Tomas, who proceeded to try to catch up with my drinking [in double quick time] until the point that Tomas decided that he wanted to buy me a pint of Hoegaarden as well as one for himself for the price of £7, which I almost fell on the floor about. I managed to finish my half pint of John Smiths before attempting the pint of Hoegaarden, which went down pretty well, and I should bloody think so for £3.50 per pint! At that point we made a move to the club upstairs for some serious rocking out, but after one pint of Castlemaine I started to feel ill, so I gave up on drinking alcohol as I had already consumed more than ten pints, or at least that’s when I stopped counting. Both myself and Tomas were quite seriously inebriated come half past midnight and proceeded to make arses of ourselves on the dance floor. After I drank a pint of coke and Tomas drank another 2 – 3 pints [inbetween dancing], and the club closing we eventually left to stagger our way home, and Tomas decided to attack some car wing mirrors, although not sure what the wing mirrors did to him. It’s safe to say that both myself and Tomas had serious hangovers in the morning, although I had the bad end of the deal as I had to work in the morning, and managed to be inadvertently late, not because of the beer, but because of a misunderstanding about my start time. Work itself wasn’t too bad from a hangover point of view, but the overexertion of the night before left my back and neck in pretty poor shape, too much head banging, why can’t I be a pop music fan, nah, scratch that, metal all the way! Of course all this happened on Wednesday night, and it is now Friday evening, which pretty much sums up Thursday, no motivation to do anything at all really! speaking of metal, I have decided my album of the year, it has to be System of a Down’s Mesmerise album, especially the tracks BYOB, Radio, Video and Lost in Hollywood, anyway, I shall leave you with the recommendation of getting this album [it really does rock seriously], but if you are a pop fan, go buy some Britney Spears or some other shite!

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