Another match day…

…another loss for Argyle, although it wasn’t as bad as last Saturday’s match at Home Park; the deficit this time was 1 – 0 to the home side. The game wasn’t exactly a classic, infact it was downright scrappy, with neither side producing many goal scoring chances. Crystal Palace went ahead in the 63rd minute courtesy of Palace’s 1.1 million pound signing Darren Ward. Plymouth never really looked liked drawing level, but was denied a penalty appeal in the dying moments of the game. Plymouth were unlucky to not come away with a point, but that’s football, I can’t criticise too much this time, as it was an away game and they weren’t outplayed like the previous two home matches. In Formula One, Kimi Raikkonen took the honours in today’s qualifying session, setting a time three tenths faster than Renault duo Giancarlo Fisichella and Fernando Alonso. The highest placed Brit was David Couthard in 12th place clocking a time three seconds slower than the pole man. Jenson Button qualified in 13th position after a mistake in turn 8, which is a great shame as he was on for a good qualifying slot, but hopefully he will have a good setup for the race and hopefully plenty of fuel to pass a few people in pit stops. But I doubt that Button will be challenging for the lead as I foresee Raikkonen running away with it, baring any technical or mechanical failures, and the Renaults following the Finn, with the sister McLaren of Montoya in the mix as well, best Button can hope for is 5th position, anything else would be a bonus.

Yesterday I had to buy a new pair of boots for work as my old ones were pretty much dead after 9 months of punishment. But the problem with new shoes is that they are a real pain to wear until broken in [no sniggering at the back] and the back of my heal is seriously sore after just one days wear of these boots, infact to the point of drawing blood, making my nice white socks a nice shade of red. Why cant shoes be made comfy to wear from the outset, anyway, that’s enough talking feet, back to playing Gran Turismo 4!

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